The letter read at the Blackfoot School Board special meeting Wednesday evening

BLACKFOOT, March 14, 2019 At the special board meeting of the Blackfoot School Board, the following letter was read by Kathy Law on behalf of the employees of every school in District #55t plus the Vaughn Hughie Early Learning Center and representatives of the Blackfoot Education Association:

As Blackfoot School District employees, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our school board members for their hard work and dedication. We support you wholeheartedly. Working together, amazing accomplishments are taking place in our schools every day.

As Board members, you have crafted a working relationship with superintendents, teachers, support staff, and administrators based on mutual respect, trust, and a unified commitment to student success.

As district employees and community members, we appreciate that you have established a strong structure of communication and transparency. Your dedication to inform and engage all stakeholders in setting and achieving district goals is recognized and valued. Our well-established, positive culture of learning is possible as a result of your leadership and perseverance.

Our students and community need you! We need you

A more detailed article on the meeting will follow later today.

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